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About Us 

We're building a lifelong learning and achievements platform for today's world of work.

Our mission

Qintil is a lifelong technology platform that's built for the way the world works today.  You'll almost certainly have more than one job in your lifetime, and quite possibly more than one career.  You might even work more than one job at once, or for a staffing agency, and you're more likely than ever to freelance or work for yourself.

We built Qintil so that you can find, share and manage everything that's essential for work - your learning, certificates, achievements and right to work docs - in one place.  You can share them, connect to more than one employer's learning at one time and when you move to a new job, contract or career you can take it all with you and continue to add to your lifelong record of learning.

This all helps employers too of course.  Now there's an easy to way to get a record of new hires' learning and documents and to deliver their own training from any source.

Our mission is to help everyone benefit from the thousands of ways there are to learn and to have one place to find, manage and share it all.

Meet Our Team

Let us show you how qintil can help

You're the expert. You deserve health and care technology that helps you, not hinders your team.

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