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Accommodation & Care Solutions

Accommodation and Care Solutions is a family owned business operating in Melbourne and Sydney. The company specialises in providing accommodation and care to the aged and disabled. ACARES mission is to ensure that independence and lifestyle choices of all disability service users are valued.

Client:  Accommodation & Care Solutions

Headquarters: Highett, Victoria

Locations: Victoria & New South Wales

Services:  Aged and Disability Care 


In this week’s customer story, Strategy and Communications Manager Tatum Steers, explains how adopting the Qintil LMS and an E- learning strategy has made training more convenient, allowing more time to focus on enhancing performance and delivering quality outcomes.

ACARES was one of the early adopters of the Qintil Learning Management System and Compliance Dashboard, back in 2014.

"We had traditionally used a F2F model to deliver our mandatory training requirements and hadn’t previously implemented an e-learning platform. With a large amount of staff both in remote and regional areas, and a decentralised structure, rolling out the Qintil LMS was a significant and successful change."

The Qintil LMS being hosted online meant that it was incredibly easy for our staff to access the platform to complete their training, whenever and wherever it suited. Whereas previously sessions would need to be scheduled at appropriate times that would suit all staff. Scheduling sessions to accommodate all staff proved to be extremely difficult and meant that we were running the same sessions a few times a month to ensure compliance.

"The Qintil LMS has created freedom for our learners to actively engage with their learning requirements and has made managing compliance a much simpler exercise. Consequently, this enables not only myself, but others also to focus on enhancing performance and delivering quality outcomes."

Qintil LMS has also allowed us to conduct our inductions online. This has been a fantastic benefit for our business. Having the induction process set up online meant that it freed up time for us to focus on getting our talented employees set up quickly and simply with ease. As a result, we no longer have to wait for the next round of inductions, meaning that our talented people hit the ground running providing high quality care and outcomes for clients.

"Qintil have provided us with excellent service and support levels. Qintil are now actively seeking our involvement in co-design sessions with other care providers to improve the platform further to suit our requirements. It’s great to have a provider that is with us beyond implementation."
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