Customer Stories

Adelaide Unicare

Adelaide Unicare is a general practice group operating 6 clinics in South Australia. They also provide healthcare for the University of Adelaide, as well as being a teaching practice for the university's medical, nursing and allied health students.

Client:  Adelaide Unicare
Headquarters: Adelaide, South Australia
Locations: 6 across SA
Services: General Practice

In this weeks customer story, Adelaide Unicare's Risk and Compliance Manager, Alfred Lim, explains how the organisation enabled a cultural shift that was centred around their commitment to enabling professional growth and development.

"In 2012 we began a culture change program, one that was centred around our commitment to enabling and developing our staff to develop and grow. Understanding the organisation changes that CDC would bring we were focussed on ensuring our people could grow and change with the organisation."

E-learning was something that was not new to the organisation: their rollout of a previous e-learning platform had been supported by a great employee incentive scheme encouraging learning and development, but staff didn’t seem to engage. There were some doubts around e-learning after that experience.

In 2015, Adelaide Unicare started using Qintil (then called H1 Learning).

“Staff took to the Qintil LMS platform very quickly, which was a surprise given previous experience. The feedback was simple, the System was very user friendly and allowed staff to access training on their days off, making it incredibly convenient for those who also had long commutes to work.The content was rich, engaging and laser focussed on specific roles which meant we had the breadth and depth of content to support every staff member in our employ."

As a Compliance manager (Alfred’s role) the reporting and analytics capability of the system meant that he could create three dimensional reports giving him a much more complete story and the simple export function of the reports meant that he could analyse the data further.

“The Qintil LMS was the perfect tool to support our organisational objectives and was an excellent companion to enable the culture we were creating."

Hilary Fyffe, Training Manager at Newark Care

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