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Newark Care

Newark Care has been in operation since 1949, originally serving as the Jewish Old Age Home for Scotland it provides both residential and nursing care not only to the Jewish community but to the wider community. Training Manager, Hilary Fyffe, explains how using Qintil has improved their education and compliance.

Client:  Newark Care

Headquarters: Lanarkshire, UK

Locations: 2 Nursing Homes

Employees: 148

Services: Nursing Home Care


Qintil provides consistent training to both locations alongside management tracking. This ensures access to all courses for the staff at the Burnfield and Westacres locations, whilst also providing Hilary with the tools she needs to analyse who is compliant and non-complaint at the touch of a button.

"In the initial months of inception, the uptake of the eLearning from staff has been above average. Currently 87% of the staff registered n Qintil has accessed some form of learning."

Since launching six months ago there has been 1,025 eLearning courses that have been completed across 148 staff members saving a considerable amount of time, and money, compared to classroom based training – whilst still receiving high quality and relevant training.

Matching a key consideration for the client, reports are easily accessible for the training manager and owner to review staff that are compliant/non-compliant, completed training in a specific month and any staff who have failed to complete their eLearning.

"This has enabled Newark Care to improve staff morale, engagement and provide their staff with a considerable amount of training which was not previously feasible."

One of the main reasons for implementing eLearning for us was to ensure we provided staff with the training that they needed on a yearly basis and make better use of my time as the training manager.

It has helped me to roll out more relevant face to face training and has also provided staff with a resource that they can access when they want.

Running reports to find out who is compliant has saved me a considerable amount of time. It can also be exported to our offline staff records which is very useful.

"Since implementation we have been taken aback by the number of staff that have completed training. They have done this in their own homes on their own time and in many instances have gone over and above what they were supposed to complete as they are keen on their own personal development."
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