Customer Stories

Princes Court

Princes Court Homes and Princes Court Village is a leader in aged care and independent living in northern Victoria. Established over 55 years ago, they provide residential aged care and retirement living.

Client:  Princes Court

Headquarters: Mildura, Victoria

Locations: Residential Care and Village

Services: Aged Care, Retirement Homes and Independent Living


In this weeks customer story, Princes Courts Director of Nursing, Sandy Wellington, explains how implementing E-Learning and the Qintil Compliance system has helped the organisation deliver more training, saving time and money.

Princes Court was one of our first clients in Australia, and since implementing Qintil in 2014, Sandy says the efficiencies and improvements in the organisations training and compliance management have been considerable.

Sandy says: “Since adopting the Qintil LMS the improvements I have seen personally have been fantastic. Since it’s deployment we have saved a considerable amount of time and financial resources.”

"Having the LMS has meant that we no longer have to deal with the stress of managing rosters and availability of staff to be available for training days, which has lead to a reduction in additional wage costs and allows me to focus even more on provision of quality care."

Having mixed technical literacy amongst their staff meant that initially the transition to an e-learning model was a scary change proposition. All it took for them to overcome this was to demonstrate how easy the system was to use even for the least technical competent staff in the facility.

"Because of the simplicity of the system we saw compliance rise as staff could now access training remotely or when they had downtime in the office, it created freedom for our staff."

Sandy says that adopting the Qintil LMS provided them with cost effective management of mandatory training requirements.

"We saved a lot of budget moving to an online model, which meant we could put the funds to good use in other areas of our facility."

"Our staff love the Qintil LMS and have now embraced an e-learning model, when we have new starters it’s not only simple and fast for us to set them up in the system but they all comment about how happy they are we have an e-learning capability."

"Our experience with the Qintil LMS has been fantastic and would strongly recommend the system to other organisations wanting to improve access to learning and freeing up organisational capability and resources."
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