Connect to more learners and businesses

Create, manage, promote and sell your courses to people and businesses
​with Education Manager.

Manage your Courses

Create, upload and sell online and classroom courses and events, and then list them on your own branded CourseStore, and the Qintil network to be found by thousands of learners and businesses who use Qintil

Set multi-currency pricing, add vouchers and create bundles of courses to sell on CourseStore.  Your courses will be indexed by search engines so that learners and businesses can find them.

Create a profile to share with customers and let new ones find you.  Get ratings and reviews



Learning & Achievements


Use Learning Manager to set up and manage your customers and learners.

Give your business customers a Learning Manager account so they can see your courses alongside their other learning.


Certificates and achievements are managed automatically and added to learners' Qintil CPD profiles and your customers' Learning Manager.

Payments and invoicing

Manage invoicing, bills and taxes.  Connect your Stripe account to take payments.

Set up multi-currency pricing per course or per bundle, add voucher codes, and create discounted multi-seat licenses allowing businesses to buy your courses for their team with your own defined license period.

You can even use points as currency for customers who want to reward their teams with courses to buy as a benefit.




Migrate from your legacy LMS for free

If you manage your own LMS or use a third-party system, we can help you migrate your courses and user data for free.

You'll get a modern and secure LMS that we'll keep updated and alive with regular new features.

Which means you can focus on creating and delivering great courses without having to worry about your LMS.





Integrate with the other systems you use

The Qintil API lets you connect your other systems to your Learning Manager for seamless 2-way sync of information.


Our Courses API means that you can pull online courses or content from any third party site (with their permission of course), and create them as courses and requirements in Learning Manager.


We're working with partners to build a growing number of integrations with HRIS platforms, content providers and enterprise solutions.



Be part of our network and share in our success

We're building a growing network of professionals who use Qintil to manage and share their learning and CPD in one place.  Qintil is used by thousands of people and businesses worldwide.

As an Education partner, you can use Qintil to give your customers powerful learning and compliance management tools along with your own courses.

For every customer you sign up to use Learning Manager, we'll reward with you a revenue share on their license fees.





Let's work together

Create, manage, promote and sell your courses to people and businesses
​with Education Manager.

"Qintil support was fantastic!"

"The best and easiest to use LMS I've worked with"

"Classroom has way more features than Teams"