Spend more time delivering education, and less time managing it.

Qintil is smart learning and compliance software for businesses of all sizes.  Up and running instantly, you can deliver, manage and record education and compliance across your organisation, meaning you can forget spreadsheets and manual recording of training.  Hoorah!

Easily Manage Your Learners

5 Learners or 5,000, you'll be able to create and manage them with ease.

Automatic Record Keeping

All course and training data is updated in real time and stored ready for you to access at any time.

Know your Compliance Status

As soon as you log in, you'll see your Compliance and Activity Summary.

Cloud LMS, Instant Setup, No Headaches

Qintil is 100% cloud based. Access the LMS from any computer, smart phone or tablet at anytime.

Useful Reports

Instant reporting gives you the data you need, including our compliance matrix

Manage your Organisation

Set up your organisation with locations, teams and departments in a way that works for you


Add face-to-face and online courses of your own or from our marketplace

Help & Support

From free setup assistance to ongoing support and guidance, you're never alone.

Easily Manage Learners

5 Learners or 5,000, you’ll be able to create and manage them with ease.

Easily manage learners within your organisation with Qintil. Let learners sign up with Facebook or Google. Once learners are logged into Qintil, assign training courses with set deadlines and compliance statuses like ‘voluntary’, ‘recommended’ and ‘mandatory’ for your learners to complete.

The Qintil dashboard means that you can see all the information about your learners at a glance. You’ll see your business’s learning and compliance status instantly and get email alerts so managers can take immediate action to keep you compliant.

“Since implementation we have been taken aback by the number of staff that have completed training. They have done this in their own homes in their own time and in many instances have gone over and above what they were supposed to complete”

Hilary Fyffe, Training Manager at Newark Care

Newark Care has been in operation since 1949

Originally serving as the Jewish Old Age Home for Scotland it provides both residential and nursing care not only to the Jewish community but to the wider community. Training Manager, Hilary Fyffe, explains how using Qintil has improved their education and compliance.

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Automatic Record Keeping

See data in real time, plus your employees learning from outside work

Say goodbye to spreadsheet tracking! As learners complete courses the system is updated instantly, as a result this means that your records are up-to-date and stored conveniently – eliminating manual record keeping, saving time and money.

Learners own their Qintil Learning record. They can add courses, workshops, conferences articles and journals and maintain their CPD record. You can see everything they choose to share with you, providing real insight onto their learning interests and skills.

“Having the LMS has meant that we no longer have to deal with the stress of managing rosters and availability of staff for training days, which has lead to a reduction in additional wage costs and allows me to focus even more on provision of quality care”.

Sandy Wellington, Director of Nursing at Princes Court

Princes Court is a leader in aged care and independent living in northern Victoria, providing residential aged care and retirement living.

Princes Courts Director of Nursing, Sandy Wellington, explains how implementing E-Learning and the Qintil Compliance system has helped the organisation deliver more training, saving time and money.

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Know your Compliance Status

As soon as you log in, you’ll see your Compliance Summary.

Qintil was designed to make the process of compliance much simpler. The LMS training system makes it easier for small and larger business managers alike to stay on track with compliance records through specific features.

The Qintil dashboard and reports tab provides a scope of your organisation’s compliance status. You’ll be provided with analytics which quickly tells you how many of your learners are compliant or non-compliant. In addition to this, you can also see how many courses you’ve assigned and how many have been completed. With this information, managers can further investigate learners who are potentially struggling and offer support and guidance in order to stay on track of compliance within your organisation.

“The Qintil LMS was the perfect tool to support our organisational objectives and was an excellent companion to enable the culture we were creating”.

 David Reilly, Operations Director at Baillieston Community Care

Baillieston Community Care has been in operation since 1992

The company specialises in providing a variety of quality care and support services aimed at maintaining individual’s independence within their own homes and the community. They were looking to partner with a local training provider to provide their growing staff with good quality training. Operations Director David Reilly explains how the Qintil LMS has changed their organisation.

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All our plans are month to month with no lock in contracts.  Get going with a 30 day free trial.


Simple, Online System

Qintil is 100% online. Access YOUR LMS from any computer, smart phone or tablet at any time.

Qintil was designed so to be simple and user friendly. It is suitable for organisations with a diverse range of technological literacy, and is built with simplicity in mind.

Learners compliance requirements can be simply viewed on the dashboard so that they always know what they still need to do. Employers can easily navigate their way through the system to find what they may need in a couple of clicks. Having everything stored online in one place ensures that records can be easily accessed and time wasted searching for training documents that may have been misplaced is no longer an issue.


Learners can access Qintil from any device – computers, smart phones or tablets. The freedom of being able to complete learning anywhere at any time will aim to change individuals’ perspectives and attitudes towards learning.

“Thanks to effective planning, eLearning was welcomed positively by all our staff and has enhanced the educational and development opportunities we can provide to our extensive group”

John Booth, Deputy Chief Executive of VSA

Based in Aberdeen, Scotland, VSA is the city’s major social care charity.

VSA has grown since 1870 from charities that operated with Voluntary Service Aberdeen, combining them to provide even better care and value for the local community today. VSA’s Deputy Chief Executive, John Booth, explains how transitioning to eLearning has created educational and development opportunities for staff, enabling them to deliver the best possible service.

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Amazing Reports

Detailed visual reporting means that you’ll always have the data you need , and it’ll always be up to date

Qintil does the hard work and automates reports so you don’t have to. Our Compliance Matrix displays the relationship between all courses and learners and their compliance status giving you an at-a-glance overview of your organisational learning effectiveness and compliance status.

We built Qintil with small and large businesses in mind, so we provide reports for analysing learning hours, statistics and course audits, all ready to go when you need them.

“Through Qintil, I could create three dimensional reports giving me a much more complete story and the simple export function of the reports meant that I could analyse the data further”.

Alfred Lim, Risk and Compliance Manager at Adelaide Unicare

Adelaide Unicare is a General Practice group operating a total of 6 clinic in South Australia

Adelaide Unicare also provide healthcare for the University of Adelaide, as well as being a teaching practice for the university’s medical, nursing and allied health students. Risk and Compliance Manager, Alfred Lim, explains how Qintil supported them in improving their engagement towards learning in their organisation.

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Priced to suit your business

Flexible pricing and 2 months free if you sign up for a year.  Our plans let you grow your Qintil platform as your business scales

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