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What Can Qintil Do For You?

Qintil is packed full of features all designed with our users at the core of the experience. From a powerful document and compliance management system, to an intuitive and engaging online learning environment where organisations can create their own bespoke courses (or buy directly from our Qintil Course Store), Qintil is ready to make your life easier. Have a look at our features list below and click the button to book a demo today!

Online Learning Management System & Classroom

Qintil offers a LMS that allows users to deliver online classes via video lessons and an interactive classroom environment.

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Documents & Reports

Organisations have the ability to upload and store a wide range of documents...

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Online Course Store

Browse an ever-expanding store of online courses available for purchase by single users or by organisations to distribute internally.


Learning Manager Course Creation

Not only does Qintil have a wide variety of courses pre-made to purchase, Learning...


Checks & Licenses

Companies are able to use Qintil to track and monitor their employee's compliance with...


Industry Leading Customer Service

Qintil prides itself in being there whenever its customers need it - no matter where in the...


Portable Training Records

Every user is assigned a Qintil ID that can travel with you, wherever you are, so that no matter...

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Qintil Dashboard

Whether your organisation is 10 people or 1000 people, the Qintil Dashboard is designed to...

Take A Look At Our Video Library For More Tips And Features

If the feature you're looking for isn't listed reach out to us today and let us know. Qintil is a constantly evolving service and user feedback is one of the main ways we drive innovation forward. Click below to get in touch today.

"Qintil support was fantastic!"

"The best and easiest to use LMS I've worked with"

"Classroom has way more features than Teams"