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No two organisations are the same.
We packed our software with great features but you can make it unique to yours. 

Learn about some of our key features.  You can use all our products or just the ones you need. And we can customise some features to suit your needs. 


Complete learning management

Learning Manager

Everything you need to set up, deliver and manage training including e-learning and face to face courses, certificates, video classroom and course program builder.  Then stay on top of compliance with automation and on-demand, customisable reporting. 

Qintil Learning Manager

Course library

Over 40 e-learning courses that you can choose to customise and add your logo.  

Teams and locations

Assign courses and programs automatically based on job role and location, helping you manage your teams efficiently. 


Detailed and on-demand customisable reports including a compliance and training matrix and dashboard. 

Build your own

Create your own courses with videos, quizzes, documents and assessments.  You can set up single courses or programs. 


Automatic assignment of training before expiry plus email reminders to complete required courses. 

Hybrid classroom

Deliver courses to remote teams using Qintil, Zoom or Teams and let learners enrol themselves. 

Documents library

Add docs such as policies and handbooks for your team to read and acknowledge. 


Hiring and onboarding

Recruitment Manager

Totally customisable recruitment flows and application forms help direct your applicants and recruiters through the hiring and onboarding process, saving time and admin. Collect right to work docs, audit and send reminders for expiring docs, send and receive references and assign training. 

Two people shaking hands

Application forms

Create multiple web application forms with intelligent routing or declining  based on applicants' answers

Get docs signed

Send docs such as applications, contracts, declarations that can be signed electronically and stored. 

Right to work audit

See how long right to work docs have left before expiry and require employees to upload new versions. 

Recruitment tasks

Build task templates that can be assigned automatically or manually to set a list of tasks for candidates and recruiters. 

Assign learning

Assign a group of courses from learning manager with 2 clicks.  You don't have to jump between systems to assign courses. 


Send reference requests with customised forms for referees to complete online quickly and easily.

Central inbox

Applicant messaging and shared inbox means your team is always on top of new events and applications whilst making applicant comms simple. 


Shifts, payroll and invoicing

Staffing Manager

Comprehensive but easy to use and deploy staff rostering  Push shifts to matching employee's app or SMS, run payroll and if applicable invoicing too. 

Staff Meeting

Shifts and rostering

Create shifts one by one or through bulk upload and plan out rosters for your own locations or your clients'. 


Let your employees set their availability and choice of shifts in advance and request leave in the Qintil app.


Create highly detailed reporting with customisation and export options. Visualise your data and present key information to teams. 

Matching and skills

Inherit learning from LM and RTW compliance from RM to match compliant employees to shifts easily. 

Online timesheets 

Let employees complete digital timesheets or take a photo of a paper version. They're easily processed and turned into payroll. 

Fill shifts quickly

Send out shifts to all matching staff using SMS , email or push to the app for them to request or accept. 

Payroll and invoice

Export to payroll and invoices to accountancy software such as Sage and Xero. Set up multiple pay and charge rates, holidays and custom procedures. 

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