A Smart and Simple
Way to Deliver Training and Manage Compliance

Find, Deliver, Record and Manage training for your business with Qintil Learning Manager.

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Qintil Learning Manager

Qintil LM is a smart learning and compliance software for businesses of all sizes. You can now find, deliver, track and send alerts to your organisation ensuring compliance.

Forget About Spreadsheets

Find, manage, deploy and record online classroom courses.

Manage and sell online classroom based courses - even conferences and events.

Track learning and compliance, with learner and manager notifications & alerts.

See your learners' courses and qualifications from anywhere and verify with Blockcert.

Instant activation, easy setup and quick deployment, fully featured but still, simple to use.

Manage Your Learners

5 Learners or 5,000, you'll be able to manage them all with ease.

Easily manage learners within your organisation with Qintil. Let learners sign up with Facebook or Google.


Once learners are logged into Qintil, assign training courses with set deadlines and compliance statuses like ‘voluntary’, ‘recommended’ and ‘mandatory’ for your learners to complete.


View Your Compliance Status

Once you login, you will be able to monitor your compliance and activities.

Qintil Learning Manager makes it easier for small and larger business managers alike to stay on track with compliance records through specific features.


The Qintil dashboard and reports tab provides a scope of your organisation’s compliance status. You’ll be provided with analytics which quickly tells you how many of your learners are compliant or non-compliant.

View and Share Reports

Instant reporting gives you the data you need to provide to regulators, including our Compliance Matrix.

Qintil does the hard work and automates reports so you don’t have to.


Our Compliance Matrix displays the relationship between all courses and learners and their compliance status giving you an at-a-glance overview of your organisational learning effectiveness and compliance status.


Compliance Made Easier

Simpler training in just 3 steps


Add Organisation

Setup your organisation with locations, teams, and departments in a way that works for you.


Add Courses

Add face-to-face and online courses of your own or from our marketplace.

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Manage Learning

Keep track of your employee’s learning progress and manage compliance easily with custom reports.


What Our Clients Say

“Through Qintil, I could create three-dimensional reports giving me much more complete story and the simple export function of the reports meant that I could analyse the data further.”


Alfred L

Risk and Compliance Manager

“Thanks to effective planning, eLearning was welcomed positively by all of our staff and has enhanced the educational and development opportunities we can provide to our extensive group”


John B

Deputy Chief Executive

“The Qintil LMS was the perfect tool to support our organisational objectives and was an excellant companion to enable the culture we were creating.”



David R

Operations Director