Qintil is a Your Learning Portfolio.

Keep learning certificates and records organised. Share with ease with your employer or registration body.

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Learning. Connected.

Qintil wants to make easy for you to store, record and share all of your learning efforts. Add previous and existing learning records and sync with multiple learning provider accounts.

Learning Made Easy

With Qintil all you need to do is learn.


You can choose from over 2000 professional training courses or get access to those required by your employer.


This simple feature ensures employers or registration bodies can trace compliance status, previous training/learning and what needs to be done to stay up to date.


All of Your Education in One Place

How do you currently track and store all of those workshops, courses, and conferences you attend or have attended previously?


It could be a spreadsheet or in a filing cabinet. Either way, wouldn’t it be easier to sync your accomplishments and records into a single, shareable profile?


Qintil for Learners is the easy to use, setup and share profile where you can log all of your CPD hours, MOOC courses, and everything in between.

Easy Sharing

Share your education and training history with whomever you like – just add an email address and you’re done. 


Starting with a new employer? Simply send your Qintil link and they will be able to review all of your training – helping to drastically save on wasted time with repeated courses or training.