The General Data Protection Regulation


This course will cover all of the important bits of GDPR you need to know about.


And it’s important you do know. The consequences of not knowing are enough to make you sit up and go ‘Heck, I wish I did know’.


Confused? It’s fine if you are, don’t worry. This course is here to un-confuse you.


Learning Objectives

  • Key changes under the GDPR
  • Consent: Using customer consent as grounds to process data
  • Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA)
  • Data protection by design and default
  • Reporting data breaches
  • Subject access requests
  • Data protection officers
  • Communicating with staff
  • Becoming aware
  • Becoming accountable
  • Data mapping
  • Fines
  • International organisations and the GDPR

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