Wherever you learn, wherever you work, get all your courses and CPD in one place

Qintil connects you to all your employer's learning and helps you keep your certificates, documents and registrations together.

One place to get your personal and workplace learning, to store all of your certificates, registrations and track your CPD


All your learning in one place

Connect to employers who use Qintil to get their courses and your certificates in one place.  You can even connect to more than one employer at the same time.

Plus, you can find, add and share your own learning that you do outside of work.

When you move on, you'll have a complete record of all your learning from every employer.


Easy to store and share all your certificates and documents

Instead of keeping your course certificates, professional licenses, right to work documents and CPD evidence in boxes, files and drawers, keep it all securely in your Qintil Achievements folder.  

Your achievements and documents will be there to share with employers or professional bodies when you're ready, and you can choose to keep some items private.

Store and share your professional documents and right to work items 

You can add digital copies of right to work items to your Qintil account as well.

Keep copies of your Police Check, Professional Registration, Visa or Licenses in one place.  Share them on request and be notified when they're about to expire.


100% secure, and controlled by you

When you use Qintil, you can be comfortable that your data is in a good place.  Our servers are fully encrypted to the latest standards and we comply fully with international data protection standards, including the GDPR.

You have total control over your data, learning records, documents and certificates and can choose what you share with employers and revoke permissions at any time.

If you have questions or concerns about your data and how we care for it, you can contact us.

"Qintil support was fantastic!"

"The best and easiest to use LMS I've worked with"

"Classroom has way more features than Teams"