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With your free Qintil ID,  you can choose from over 2000 courses or get access to those given to you by your employers. Don’t repeat training you’ve already done when you change jobs – just share your certificates with your new employer – even manage training at more than one job at once.

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Access and record learning from all your employers plus the learning you do outside work.  Upskill yourself with lessons from CourseStore or save conferences, seminars, reading and other training you’ve done.  You’ll be able to keep your CPD hours and evidence in once place.  And when you leave a job, just take your Qintil profile with you to share with your new employer what you know.

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Share your education and training history with whoever you like – just add an email address and you’re done. Choose what you want to share and then send your professional learning portfolio to employers or recruiters with confidence that your data is secure.  You can even share it with your professional body as evidence of your CDP hours.