Qintil makes workplace training and education easier

If you’ve been given a Qintil login by your employer, that means that they use Qintil to help them manage learning and development.  You’ll have access to all of your workplace learning in Qintil, and you’ll always know what you need to do to keep your training up to date.  Qintil is really easy to use and you can sign up with Facebook, LinkedIn or Google or any email address.  If you need help, we’re right here.  Look for the Help button inside Qintil for loads of support on using the platform.  Need more help?  We’re just an email away.

Save all your learning and education

You can see all of your workplace learning from your employer in Qintil if they’ve signed you up. But you can also add all of your other education too.  Go to your Achievements folder in Qintil to add training and education from outside of work and make it easier for your employer to see all of your skills and learning.  Add any conferences or workshops you’ve been to, reading and events.  You can add hours for recording CPD and then share it securely with your registration body or employer.  All of your education in one place!

Share with ease, securely

Qintil lets you share your education and training history with whomever you want.  In your Qintil Achievements folder, just choose what you want to share and then add an email address to send it to your employer, registration body or anyone else.  They’ll get an email that only they can open and they will be able to see all your education record in one place.  You can take away their access at any time, and your data remains yours.