Learning Culture

Learning Culture

What is a learning culture?

A learning culture is a set of values, objectives and processes that encourages and supports a learning environment within an organisation. A learning culture begins with an organisations management team as they bear the responsibility of the implementation process. However, employees play a major role in fostering and sustaining this specific culture. This specific culture encourages employees within the organisation to consistently develop their knowledge and skill base in order to grow within their roles.


Why is a learning culture important?

An organisation that strives to remain competitive must be aware of the need to constantly adapt to a dynamic work environment. Having a sustained learning culture is extremely crucial as it has the potential to bring many benefits to an organisation. A culture of learning  influences the sharing of knowledge and skills amongst other learners by creating a ‘learning network’. Additionally, it aims to compliment the quality of work that is executed. For an organisation this means enhanced performance, efficiency and productivity.


How do we develop a learning culture?

An organisation can develop a learning culture by firstly expressing the benefits that it may bring not only to the organisation but to the learner themselves. For learners it has the potential to influence improvement within their roles and open the door to many opportunities throughout their careers. Giving learners the opportunity to access a Learning Management System not only presents learners with the opportunity to learn but also supports and maintains the concept of a learning culture.


Where do we come in?

At Qintil we strive to change attitudes and perspectives towards learning. Our mission is to create and foster learning cultures within organisations. We have designed the Qintil System, where individuals gain access to a marketplace of courses. With Qintil,  learners stay motivated as they are given the freedom to take control of their own learning. Learners can now take ownership of their own education and frequently look to improve throughout their careers. Engaged learners is what keeps a learning culture alive. Learner’s bear the responsibility to best use the resources given to them, with the aim of adding value to the culture.