Manage your learners and clients with free

Learning Manager Pro 

Learning and Client management software for members of the
Learning Partners program

Learning management and course selling tools for growing training and education providers

Learning Manager Pro is a learning and client management tool for Learning Partners that lets you set up and deploy courses to your clients.  Your customers get their own Learning Manager to view and manage their users' learning, results and compliance as well as powerful reporting.


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Everything you need to manage your clients, courses and learners

Setup and manage all your clients in one place
Search learner records across all your clients
Learners have their own shareable learning record with Qintil ID
View learner records, results and assign courses
Upload and manage classroom and online courses
E-commerce tools, invoicing and a branded storefront
Give your clients control over their own Learning Manager
Assign courses to clients and learners, or sell online
Instant reporting for you and your customers

Migration, support and integrations to help you

The Qintil team is on hand to help you from day one.
We can migrate your existing customers, learners and data into Qintil for a seamless transition.  Our support team are online 24 hours a day to help you, your clients and your learners and there's a comprehensive online help site with answers to questions.
Plus you can make use of our API to build integrations with your other software, and we're busy working on new click and connect integrations with popular CRM's, authoring tools and accounting software.

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