About Tier Eligibility


Your business progresses to each tier in the Learning Partnership based on the number of clients you manage with active Learning Manager subscriptions.  Your status is assessed at the end of each month, and progression will occur as soon as you meet the criteria, immediately opening up the benefits and discounts associated with that tier.


Free software


Once accepted as a Partner, your business will receive a license for our Learning Manager Pro tool - a lifelong learning and compliance management system that you can use to manage your clients’ own Learning Managers, and every learner that you provide training to.  You’ll also get Education Manager, a tool to help you manage and sell online and classroom-based courses and a fully branded Custom CourseStore. On progression to the Silver and Gold tiers, your business will be eligible for a license for an e-learning course authoring tool.


Qintil will provide free training on the software, free data migration from your existing LMS or other records system and ongoing maintenance and updates.  Your business will have a first-class LMS and course selling tools for as long as you remain a Partner, and you’ll be able to offer real value to your customers.


Support to grow your business


We believe in true partnerships.  That’s why we’ll invest in you and your business as part of our relationship.


You’ll have access to marketing materials to advertise your business and the great tools that you can offer to your customers.  And we’ll promote your business across our social media channels and through our upcoming Learning Partner directory so that new customers can find you.


You’ll have a Partnership Advisor from day one to help with your software, courses or marketing, and once you have achieved Bronze, Silver and Gold tier level, you’ll have a dedicated named account manager.  At Silver and Gold level, you’ll be eligible for funds to invest in joint marketing events.


About License Fees


Your customers pay you to use Learning Manager, and you can set up and administer their account using your free Learning Manager Pro tool.  If a customer already uses Learning Manager, you can take over their account, or they can continue to license it directly. If you manage your customer’s Learning Manager subscription, you can pass on the discounts relevant to your Partner Tier Level.  Qintil will collect License Fees from you each month, one month in arrears, with the discount applied that is appropriate to your Tier Level.




Your clients pay you a subscription to use Learning Manager, and you can include the cost as part of your service, or charge separately for it.  We’ll give you a discount of between 5% and 35% on subscription fees. You can pass the discount on to your customers, or retain the difference between the full license fee and the discounted license fee as a revenue stream for your business.

Become a Learning Partner

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