Find and deliver courses,

stay compliant, save time.

Start delivering training and managing compliance instantly with
Learning Manager.


Start with a bundle of basic courses included with your Learning Manager.  Then search thousands more in CourseStore and our E-Books library.


You can add your own e-learning, courses from other providers, create face to face courses and upload video content from YouTube, Vimeo or any other online content.


Courses are assigned to your team based on their job role and location, and you can set them as Required, Voluntary or Recommended.


Certificates are created automatically, and courses can be re-started any time.


Data Protection
Food Hygiene
First Aid
Moving Handling
Health & Safety
Fire Safety
Equality & Diversity

Learning & achievements


See the learning your team have done with you, or anywhere. 

Learners can share their previous achievements with you, and even ask for an exemption.

You get a full picture of your team's learning, skills and achievements in one place

Team and People Management

Adding your team to Learning Manager is simple; just invite them to your Qintil organisation with their email address and they can either create a new account or if they already have a Qintil ID, just connect to your organisation instantly.  You can also set up Single Sign-On (SSO) with Office 365 and G-Suite and Active Directory integrations.


Team members can be part of different groups based on their job role and location; these groups automatically assign courses to them with a Required, Voluntary or Recommended status.


Then you can report on completions, compliance and other metrics globally across your organisation or by individual groups and/or locations.


Give your managers admin rights that are global, or limited just to the Teams, Groups and Locations they need to see.




Manage Documents and Policies

Upload and manage documents and libraries and assign them to your team based on their job role.  You can make them required or voluntary reading and report on team members who have and have not read them.


This is a really great feature for Policies and Procedures - now you can manage all of your policies in one place, deploy to the right groups of users and ensure that they've been read.





Automation & Reporting

Learning Manager starts helping you automate and track compliance as soon as you're set up.  We remind you and your team when there are courses that need to be completed, documents that need to be read or checks that need to be uploaded.  When items are due to expire, we'll start alerting you and your team 30 days before, meaning that your team can start their required learning before they lose compliance.


You get a suite of reports that are customisable, available online and can be set to run automatically, delivered to your inbox whenever you need them.






Integrate with the other systems you use


The Qintil API lets you connect your other systems to your Learning Manager for seamless 2-way sync of information.


Our Courses API means that you can pull online courses or content from any third party site (with their permission of course), and create them as courses and requirements in Learning Manager.


We're working with partners to build a growing number of integrations with HRIS platforms, content providers and enterprise solutions.






Your success is our success

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