How do you choose the right SAAS software?

How do you choose the right SAAS software?

04:12 23 June in Customer Stories, News

Software as a Service (SAAS) has made it easier than ever to find and try new software to help you run your business.   The internet is awash with platforms for nearly every purpose.  But the range of scale, usability and price is massive too.  Selecting the right software will ensure that it fits your unique business needs and is well received by employees. This means that it will influence productivity as well as the quality of work within the workplace.

So what do you need to consider when choosing the right SAAS for your business?

  • Do your research
  • Know your targets, goals and objectives
  • Think about your employees
  • Make sure there is enough Support available


Do Your Research
There are a vast variety of software’s to choose from, and each is different in its own way, so do your research! Conducting research ensures that you are fully aware of the top leading software’s on the market for your industry. Identify what different software’s can offer you in terms of features and characteristics. Don’t be shy when choosing software, send emails, make calls, ask for as much information as possible from vendors before making your final decision.

Establish targets and goals
What are your organisations targets, goals and objectives? Selecting a top leading software simply won’t cut it. Every organisations goal is different. Identifying your organisations targets, goals and objectives will allow you to determine whether a particular software is the right fit. Aligning software with organisational goals and objectives will aim to create synergy within the workplace and support the quality of work conducted.

Christopher Pappas, founder of the eLearning industry has suggested several ways to go about establishing goals such as one on one interviews, surveys and subject matter experts in his blog on how to choose the best learning management system

Think about your employees
Your employees will be the primary users of the software; therefore, it is important to include them in the selection process. Identify their concerns with currently used software (if you have one), ask what they expect from the new software and include them in any potential demos/trials. By then you will be presented with a general idea of employee’s thoughts and attitudes towards the change. It is also crucial to think about the scope of your organisations employees in terms of age, language, literacy levels and technical literacy levels. It is much safer to go with a software that is quick and simple to navigate through. When software’s appear to be complex, employees tend to lose interest and become frustrated, so keep it simple!

When selecting software, consider the type of support you may need in terms of implementation, system failures, general enquiries etc. A good software vendor will provide support and assistance even beyond implementation. It will be comforting to know that you can turn to your vendor at any time for help, ensuring quick responses and fixes.

Sam Easen
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