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Introducing Learning Partnerships

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

We're excited to launch our brand new Learning Partnerships program today.

As we've built Qintil over the last 3 years, we've been inspired by the businesses that use Learning Manager every day to find and deliver learning resources to their teams.

We've also built great relationships with training and e-learning providers who work with our customers and distribute their courses through our platform and others.

We found that many of them rely on expensive third party Learning Management Systems (LMS) or build their own delivery platforms, and often we discovered their frustration with having to manage those systems alongside doing what they really want to do, which is creating and delivering amazing courses.

So today we're launching Learning Partnerships with an open software solution which is free to use for businesses that create, deliver and sell their courses to customers, members or downstream partners.

The software suite is developed and managed by Qintil, with Partner and Customer input at the heart of our development strategy. It includes:

Learning Manager Professional, a LMS that you can use to setup and manage your client Learning Manager subscriptions and learners across your customer base, as well as learners independent of a client organisation, plus your online and classroom based courses, certificates and reporting;

Education Manager, an e-commerce tool that you can use to manage and sell your courses;

Branded CourseStore, as a store front for your courses; or you can use our API to pull your courses to your own website.

Course Authoring Tool to create engaging e-learning courses (there's a minimum client requirement for the course authoring software)

We'll help migrate data into new Partners' Learning Manager tools, and provide free setup support and training. Qintil provides 24/7 learning success support to Partners' users and customers. In addition to the software suite, Partners get free marketing support including access to an events budget, extra promotional tools and they'll be part of the growing Qintil Learning network of learners, employers and learning providers.

Existing Learning Manager customers can choose to nominate one of their existing training providers to become their Learning Partner, find new Partners in our upcoming directory, or continue managing their accounts themselves.

We've created a Partnership Tier business model which Partners progress through as they add Learning Manager subscribers to their Learning Group. With each Partnership Tier, Partners get more benefits and bigger discounts on their customer's LM subscriptions, allowing them to offer even greater value to their clients.

And all this helps the individual learners who are at the heart of your business, and ours. As we grow our Partner-base, there'll be more and more learners able to get their learning and achievements in one place, connected to their employers and learning providers with their Qintil ID.

We're really excited about Learning Partnerships, and our launch partners are going live this week - watch out for updates from us as they roll out to their customers.

To find out more, and to sign up your organisation, click here.

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