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Qintil development update

With the world of technology, and online education, moving so quickly, we are always working to improve Qintil’s performance and usability for all our Learners and Administrators. So moving forward we'd like to keep you up to date with our latest developments.

In this article we’ll cover a few new updates, fixes and upcoming features for Qintil’s Course Manager and Learning Manager.

The development team has been busy working on a new improved version of Learning Manager which will make a lot of your everyday tasks faster and easier. A part of this is the new Course Manager which some of you have already been testing.

Course Manager (BETA)

Course Manager from Qintil let's you quickly, and easily create and manage courses for your learners. Add video or text based lessons, quizzes and assessments, or even an external link. All of this feeds automatically to your Qintil Learning Manager where you can monitor attendance and issue certificates.

More settings, more control

There are now more settings available for your courses in Course Manager. Set maximum quiz attempts to limit how many times a user can try a quiz. This is useful to monitor how your learners are managing with a lesson, and can help raise any internal issues with your courses. You can also now set an expiry period for courses helping Admins and Learners keep on top of their renewals.

Libby from Ryman Healthcare has been testing the new version:

“Thank you so much for connecting us with this development – what a massive addition to the Qintil product. I really liked it and found it easy to create and edit courses. The functionality is great, yet simple (great choice of blocks e.g. instructor-led, document, text etc.) A nice, simple interface that I have no doubt will be extremely beneficial to your clients."

Vimeo is here

You can now easily upload Vimeo videos to your courses. This will allow more flexibility when creating your courses and not restrict you to just YouTube.

Lightning fast results

When using the Learning Manager you should now be seeing faster responses, like the users page when searching and filtering, and problems some users were having searching for pending users are now fixed. More improvements to quickly find your users are coming soon.

If you'd like more information on Course Manager, or any other products that Qintil has, please visit our website.

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