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Qualified Candidates

Finding the right candidates for your vacancy can be time-consuming and often feel like a hit-or-miss process. In an increasingly competitive recruitment market, it’s important that your organisation does all it can to better increase its chances of finding the best candidates.

There are many factors that can make it hard to recruit, which means that recruiters need to work harder and smarter to find the candidates that they need.

Why your recruitment process matters

Attracting the right candidates for your role can be challenging. It’s also important to remember that the recruitment process is not just about the employers part in the proceedings. Candidates will also need to find out more about the organisation and consider if it’s somewhere they would like to work. First impressions matter for employers and candidates, which means that the recruitment process should be timely, transparent and fair for all candidates.

As recruitment is now overwhelmingly digital, the process through which candidates apply matters more than ever. It should make the application process straightforward, making clear the information that’s required from candidates. It might also include some preliminary screening elements to ensure that everyone who applies is suitably qualified for the role.

All applications need to be treated confidentially, and the recruitment process needs to be as efficient as possible. Poor recruiting and selection can be costly, taking up time and resources that could be better spent elsewhere. Even if you’ve found the right candidate, it’s then important to ensure that they’re in position as quickly as possible.

Delays in the process may result in them taking up an alternative position and the time and effort placed in the recruitment process wasted. Unfilled vacancies will often place a strain on other members of staff so it’s important that delays do not happen.

Finding qualified candidates during the hiring period can be challenging as time is spent working through applications, checking details and matching skills. It can be labour-intensive and time-consuming and there are plenty of opportunities for error. You need to ensure that candidates have the necessary qualifications, and experience and are eligible to work so you need to stay focused on all the criteria required for the role.

How Recruitment Manager can help

Recruitment Manager makes it easy to recruit the right candidates for your vacancy. Ensuring that your recruitment process is as streamlined as possible helps you attract the right candidates and can make it easier to vet applicants to ensure only the very best get to the interview stage.

Recruitment Manager allows you to set up a completely bespoke application process that is tailored for the particular needs of your business or the specific role. This means that your recruitment team don’t have to waste time sifting through applications from people who do not meet the criteria for the position. This frees up their time to help them better assess the differing qualities of those candidates who match the demands for the role.

You can set up qualification requirements, as well as questions with branching options that make it easier to delineate between different applicants. You can require the upload of IDs or licences, as well as right-to-work documentation, and the system itself makes this a straightforward process for applicants.

You can then build a quality candidate base for your recruitment team to contact for an interview. This will enable your recruitment team to assess the strengths and weaknesses of individual candidates and help them make informed decisions about who moves forward to the next stage of the process.

A custom-built application process reduces the workload of the recruitment team. It allows the applicant to work through different steps to provide the desired details, and an inbox function notifies the recruitment team of any new applicants. It can also notify the team when a candidate has completed a step such as uploading a required document.

A chat function at the candidate stage makes it easy for the recruitment team to interact and communicate with a potential candidate. Submitted details can be easily reviewed with the ability to approve or reject with a comment. Status visuals show the progress made in the application process and any steps that need to be chased up.

Compliance management within the audit shows the time remaining on current credentials so that it’s clear when renewed ID/licences or qualifications need to be requested.

Recruitment Manager also integrates seamlessly with Learning Manager, to help facilitate any online training that a new member of staff is required to complete prior to taking up their position.

Set up a free demo

In a competitive recruitment market, our Recruitment Manager application gives you the edge. To find out more about its benefits and to set up a free demonstration contact us today.

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