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All in one people and shift management software

Easy to use, quick and simple to deploy and backed up with 5 star customer support.  You can choose which bits you need and which you don't to build an affordable solution that's right for your business and your people. 

Qintil Nurse

Staffing Manager

Our employee rostering tool works seamlessly with Learning and Recruitment Manager.  You can use Staffing Manager to manage shifts for multiple locations (for direct employers) or for multiple clients (for staffing and home service agencies). 

Add single shifts or entire rosters and Staffing Manager will match them to your employees based on multiple realtime attributes. Push out shifts on the Qintil app, via SMS or email or complete the booking manually. 

Then process payroll and (if applicable) invoice your clients. 

Staffing Manager is feature rich and incredibly easy to use. 

The Qintil app and web portal lets your employees see and manage their learning and shifts. 

They can accept shifts you push to them, view shift into including pay rate and map, submit timesheets, complete e-learning courses and view your documents such as policies and procedures. 

It's the perfect mobile companion for health and care professionals - easy to use, simply to find the information they need and back up with 24/7 support from our customer team. 

Find out more about the Qintil App today.

Recruitment Manager

We make it easy to recruit and onboard your number one asset. 

Recruitment Manager has everything you need to create an application and onboarding process that's bespoke to your organisation and easy to use but covers off everything to keep you straight. 

There's automation, document signing, right to work upload self service and expiry monitoring.   Plus you can push your new hires directly to Learning Manager and Staffing Manager  with one click. 

Read about all our features.

Learning Manager

Stay on top of training compliance and create rich, blended learning environments. 

Learning Manager comes with courses to get you started. You can build your own programs with quizzes, videos, assessments and documents. You can even use our video classroom and set up classroom based courses. 

Add your learners to teams and locations and we'll let them and you know when it's time to start training again renew mandatory skills.  

There's loads of features to make delivering and managing learning easy. 

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Qintil Learning Manager notification
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Ready to find out more?

Set up a quick call or a demonstration to learn how Qintil could work for your organisation.  We can also tell you about pricing and set up. It might surprise you how affordable and easy to use Qintil is!

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