Take our poll – what Qintil feature do you most want next?

What feature?

Take our poll – what Qintil feature do you most want next?

00:13 02 August in News, Product Updates

Our development roadmap is growing as we plan exciting new features and products for businesses, learners and education providers.  But what would you really like us to prioritise?  Over and above continual improvements to existing features, there are a number of key platform items that we want to add in the coming months.  We’re putting it to the vote to decide what gets priority.

Here’s a run down of the options.  We will be implementing all of these in the coming months, but tell we’d like you to tell us what you want to come first.

Course Authoring Tool

We want to give you more choice when it comes to getting e-learning courses into Qintil for your learners.  One way is to give you your own course authoring tool.  So thats what we’re doing. You’ll be able to design your own engaging courses, with quizzes and your branding, and upload them right into Qintil.


We’re creating lots of ways for your learners to engage in their learning, including sharing what they’ve learnt outside of work.  Our gamification module will allow your learners to earn badges for skills and achievements.  You’ll be able to run competitions with your own prizes and create some buzz amongst your teams for their learning!

Document Library

We know that you want a better way to store and share company documents with learners.  We’re creating a document library which will let you upload docs and policies.  These can be shared with staff, or assigned as a compliance item for them to read and acknowledge.

Classroom or Face to Face Module

We already support management of classroom based or face to face courses.  But we’re going further by adding an entire management module.  It will include the ability to create a calendar, add rooms and resources and allow learners to self book themselves if you choose.

Which one do you want to see first?

We’re definitely building these features.  But what do you want to see first?  Vote below and we’ll prioritise release in order of votes.



Sam Easen

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