June ’17 Update: Reports, Single Sign-On and more!

June ’17 Update: Reports, Single Sign-On and more!

08:31 26 June in News, Product Updates

We spent the last two months working on major improvements to our Admin Reports which we’ve been releasing during the course of June.

Not only have we made them faster and more reliable, but we’ve made more of them – all designed to help you understand your learning activity and stay compliant.

Better reports, and more of them

We started off by looking at how you use reports, and how we can make the experience better when you have large amounts of data.  So we built improved filters and created customisable reports which you can save and come back to quickly, giving you immediate access to your data.

We have split out some reports so you can easily see whats online and whats classroom based.

And we now show you data split out by location and team or department.

We also added 5 more reports (there are now ten in total) and we brought it all together in a system usage report which shows you core management data at a glance.  Try out the new reports dashboard is here.  And please let us know what you think.

We’re releasing PDF reports this week, and will carry on releasing improvements to your reports each week.  Next up – automatic reports that you can schedule to run and have sent to your email whenever you want.

Single Sign-On

If you use MS Active Directory, we now support SSO for you.  Contact support to have it setup on your account.  We’ve got Office365 and Google Apps coming soon.

Course Provider Improvements

A big part of Qintil’s future will be how we work with education and course providers.  We want to help providers connect with their students and to enable employers to see a range of education options that they can acquire right within Qintil.

We updated our Education Provider portal this month with a new design and features to help any organisation which delivers education to set up their Qintil account and connect with new and existing students.

New Courses

We are delighted to welcome IntelliLearn as our latest course provider.  IntelliLearn offer a range of clinical skills courses and they’ll be adding new content around medication safety in the coming weeks.  You’ll also find a load of management, business skills and IT courses from KnowledgeCity in the marketplace.

Whats next?

We’re focussed on the learner experience next.  We’ll release our brand new learner profiles in the next few weeks, and we can’t wait to show you!

Until then, we’re right here to help you and we love hearing from you!  Please reach out with any comments or if you need some help.

For a full list of releases and updates, please check out this page on our Support site.

Happy hump month and have a great July (it’s only 6 months until Christmas ;-))

Sam and the team


Sam Easen

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