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Meet Qintil App

The perfect mobile companion for professionals - easy to use, simply to find the information required and backed up with 24/7 support from our customer team. 

Find and store workplace docs and right to work info

Instead of keeping your course certificates, professional licenses, right to work documents and CPD evidence in boxes, files and drawers, keep it all securely in your Qintil Achievements folder.  

Your achievements and documents will be there to share with employers or professional bodies when you're ready, and you can choose to keep some items private.

Connect to employers who use Qintil to get their courses and your certificates in one place. You can even connect to more than one employer at the same time.

Start with a bundle of basic courses included with your Learning Manager. Then search thousands more in CourseStore and our E-Books library.
Certificates are created automatically, and courses can be re-started any time.

Start and resume courses anywhere

Record & share CPD courses and events

Every user is assigned a Qintil ID that can travel with you, wherever you are, so that no matter what you have a record of all the training and courses you have completed with Qintil. This allows learners access to their own training records and certificates, reducing any admin burden and allows for easier tracking of CPD.

Set availability, get shift offers & work history

The Qintil app, allows you set your availability and discover shifts and pick the ones that match your traning and skills from Learning Manager. 

Submit Timesheets

The Qintil App, lets your employer sign your timesheets digitally when you complete your shifts. You can view your timesheet details and add mileage and expenses if required before handing your device over to the client. They can then confirm the details and will need to sign and print their name. 





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