Qintil Referral Program

Invite Other Businesses To Trial & Purchase Qintil Learning Manager and get Rewarded.

Referrals page


Below are the Reward options for successful referrals.

There are options for free trial sign-ups as well as paid subscriptions.


Trial Sign-Up Challenge

Refer Qintil Learning Manager and for every 30-Day Trial Sign-up, we will reward you with 10GBP Amazon Voucher Per Sign-Up.


Trial to Paid

5% OFF Your Yearly Subscription

for Every Paid Subscription from Trial User.

That’s 5% for every paying subscriber you get.

So, 5 x 5 = 25% OFF.


Reward Yourself

Alternatively, Tell Us Your Ideal Reward (Within reason 😀)

Simply tell us what you would like in return for successful referrals to Qintil Learning Manager.


Below are the next steps to take to start referring other businesses.


Contact Us with a Referral Program Request.

We will then send you a custom link to use so we

know sign-ups are from you.


You can then use your custom link to send out

via email, social media or simply with pen and paper.

Ready to get rewarded? Click on the button below.


People will start to use your link to visit the Qintil website. Then you simply wait for your rewards to arrive.