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Qintil + Scottish Care

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25% off staying compliant for
Scottish Care members

Qintil is an easy to use Recruitment, Learning Management and Staffing software for employers and staffing agencies.

Built by people in the care industry, so we understand your business.

We're proud to support customers all across Scotland.

Three great platforms that work individually or together as a powerful People Ops suite. And there's the Qintil App for your Team to do learning on the go, set availability, view and accept shifts and submit timesheets.

Qintil works brilliantly for businesses and staffing agencies with teams who need to prove training and right to work or undertake skills courses and then roster them to shifts or jobs. You set up application forms, recruitment flows and automate right to work compliance with our brilliant Recruitment Manager tool, do induction training and on the job courses with Learning Manager and then set up shifts and match to available workers, payroll (and invoice if you're a staffing, homecare or contractor agency) with Staffing Manager.

Easy to use, quick to set up and backed up by 5 Star Support.

Get Started with a Demo and Discovery Call.

Your worklife in your pocket

With the Qintil App you can find and manage all your learning and pick the shifts you want, plus store your achievements, docs and CPD. 

It's your
worklife in your pocket. 

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