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Find, Deliver, Record and Manage training for your team with Qintil Learning Manager.

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A Learning Platform for Today’s World of Work

Think about the thousands of ways there are for your team to learn.  From online courses to the classroom, from work based learning to the things they learn outside the office to advance their knowledge.  What about the learning they do at other employers?

Qintil’s LMS helps you see it all and enables you to deliver engaging and flexible self managed learning at work.


Instant set up.  Super easy to use.  Incredibly effective.

  • Get setup in minutes and start delivering and managing learning across multiple locations

  • Deliver and track all sorts of courses – online, classroom and external content

  • Track and automate compliance management

  • See your learners’ courses and qualifications from anywhere, and let them share their previous learning with you

  • Integrated with Office365 and GSuite, create custom connections to your HRIS and other business apps


See Team Plans

Manage Your Learners

Easy learning & compliance management for just a few learners, or a few thousand.

Invite learners in bulk, or sync with Office365, GSuite or Active Directory.  Learners connect their Qintil ID and can share their previous learning with you.  You can mark their previous courses against your compliance requirements so you don’t duplicate training.

Auto-assign courses by job role and location with deadlines and compliance statuses like voluntary, recommended and mandatory for your learners to complete from anywhere.

The Qintil dashboard gives you real time data on your learning activity at a glance. You’ll see your team’s learning and compliance status instantly and get email alerts so managers can take immediate action to keep you compliant.

You can pause your learners so they don’t impact your compliance numbers when they’re on extended leave, and mark them as contractors or agency staff.

Access thousands of Courses.  Or add your own

5 Courses are included.  Add more from CourseStore, or add and manage your own including instructor led courses

Your Qintil account comes with 5 free courses (paid plans only) to get you started.  You can search from thousands more on CourseStore and add them instantly.

Engage your learners by embedding videos from YouTube and Vimeo, or create links to any external web based material.

Add and manage instructor led courses, and have your learners assigned to classes automatically.

Qintil works with SCORM and xAPI, and you can create your own courses with an authoring tool and publish direct to your account.

Real time learning & compliance monitoring

As  soon as you log in, you’ll see your Compliance and Activity Summary.

Qintil makes it easier for small and larger business managers to stay on track with compliance.

The Qintil dashboard and reports tab provides information about your organisation’s compliance status. You can immediately see how many of your learners are compliant or non-compliant. You can also see how many courses you’ve assigned and how many have been completed.

You’ll have real time data on learning and compliance across the organisation, and we email you and your learners well before a course expires so that you never lose compliance.

View and Share Reports

Instant reporting gives you the data you need, including your compliance matrix.

Qintil does the hard work and automates reports so you don’t have to. Our Compliance Matrix displays the relationship between all courses and learners and their compliance status giving you an at-a-glance  overview of your organisational learning effectiveness and compliance  status.

We built Qintil with small and large businesses in mind, so we provide reports for analysing learning hours, statistics and course audits, all ready to go when you need them.

Segment, customise, save and set to auto run any time and have them emailed to you and your team.

Compliance made easier

Simpler training just 3 steps away.


Get Started

Set up your organisation in minutes with locations, teams and departments in a way that works for you.


Add your Courses

Add face-to-face and online courses of your own, from CourseStore or from any external site.


Manage with ease

Keep track of your teams' learning progress and manage compliance easily with automated assignment, reporting and alerts.

What Our Clients Say:


“With Qintil, I could create three dimensional reports giving  me a much more complete story and the simple export function of the  reports meant that I could analyse the data further”.

Alfred L
Risk and Compliance Manager at Adelaide Unicare


“Qintil was welcomed positively by all our staff and has enhanced the educational and development opportunities we can provide to our multi-disciplinary teams across our locations”.

John B
Chief Executive of VSA


“The Qintil LMS was the perfect tool to support our organisational objectives and was an excellent companion to enable the culture we were creating”.

David R
CEO at Baillieston Community Care