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Small company, big ambitions

Transforming the way businesses work

Qintil was built for a healthcare staffing business originally. That business placed hundreds of nurses and care workers every day, and keeping on top of their training, recruiting to keep up with demand, managing compliance and filling shifts every day was a logistical headache. So Qintil was designed to solve these problems. And now it can help your business, too. 

Picture this: a world where you're not drowning in a sea of confusing systems but log in to one easy-to-use platform that does it all. We're here to redefine the way you work and make it simpler and more fulfilling. By weaving everything into one neat platform, we're giving you the power to tackle work that truly matters.

But our aspirations don't stop there. Qintil envisions nothing short of a work revolution—a world where everyone can ditch the headache of juggling multiple systems altogether. Instead, we all embrace the brilliance of one unified platform that effortlessly connects every aspect of work.

And guess what? Qintil isn't just a platform; it's your co-pilot on this adventure. We're on a mission to set you free, helping you reach your full potential and actually enjoy the daily grind. Come along, and let's reshape the future of work together—one simple solution at a time!

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