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General questions

What is Qintil?

Qintil is a learning and achievements service that helps you get learning resources from your employer, education provider or from partnered course and ebook providers. Then you can keep all your learning, CPD, right to work documents and certificates in one place, ready to share with whoever you want (e.g. new employers). Qintil also helps employers with Learning Manager, a powerful learning and compliance management tool.

My new employer uses Qintil and I have to complete courses. What do I do?

Your new employer will send you an invitation by email to join their Qintil account. You can either create a new Qintil ID if you've never had one, or connect your existing Qintil ID (you can connect to more than one employer with one Qintil ID) Learn more here

My employer doesn't use Qintil, can I still use it?

Yes! your Qintil ID lets you store any learning, certificates, achievements and documents, and we'll remind you when items like licenses are due to expire. When you go to a new employer, you can share your Qintil Achievements with them securely even if they don't have a Qintil account. If they sign up once you've shared your Achievements with them, we'll reward you with an Amazon gift card!

How do I get in touch with you?

You can use the chatbox at the bottom of this page to talk with us directly. Or you can see other contact options here.

Answers for Employers

How can Qintil help my organisation?

We provide a web based learning and compliance management tool called Learning Manager. Learn more here We also help education providers manage their courses. Find out more

How much does it cost?

Learning Manager is priced based on the size of your organisation. Our low, monthly license fee is inclusive of all your learners and includes courses, free set up, data migration and amazing learning success support. You can get a free trial for as long as you need. Request more info and your trial here.

I am a charity or employ volunteers - how can you help?

Not for profit organisations get 20% off license fees and volunteers don't count towards your user license count - up to one quarter of your userbase can count as free volunteer accounts. Request your trial account here

I have my own courses - can I add them?

Yes! You can add your own e-learning courses or face to face courses and events.

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