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Scalable staff operations
Flexible staff operations
Reliable staff operations

Smart Recruitment Software

Discover the power of intelligent recruitment with smooth talent acquisition and automated tasks. Improve candidate interaction, champion diversity and inclusion, and seamlessly integrate payroll and invoicing systems. Your next hire is just a click away.

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Recruitment Manager
From a to z journey
From application to hire and compliance

Qintil is your right hand throughout your business journey. From applications and onboarding,  to appraisals and payroll.

Built by people who get recruitment

Our software is created by people who have been in your shoes and know the everyday challenges. Missing a feature? Let us know and we'll find a solution together. 

Scalable staff operations
Adaptive, customisable, responsive 

Scaling up, down, and all around. Our software for recruitment is adaptive to your needs, so that you can always enjoy a seamless experience.

Hire better and faster

Smart talent acquisition

Build custom application forms and find candidates with the perfect skill set. No need for tech wizardry—just seamless, intuitive design. Our hiring tool even helps to increase retention thanks to brilliant onboarding journeys that make new hires feel valued and fit right in. Why settle for less?

Easy solutions
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Automated journeys

Buh-bye tedious admin

Yes, we're for real. Simply set up journeys to automatically assign tasks to colleagues or candidates and have all documents uploaded, signed and stored in the system. Follow the progress in a clear overview and let automated notifications do the rest.

Some of our most loved features

What sets us apart

Dedicated to your journey, we provide unique support for a personalised and seamless experience.

Unparalleled support
Tailored solutions
Tailored to you
All in one centralised hub

Besides it being more efficient and cost-effective, having one single platform also makes for unmatched flexibility.

Cheers to uniqueness! We're here to making sure our solutions cater to your company's exact needs, nothing less

Ready to be your team's hero?

Schedule a chat with one of our experts to see how our solutions can work for you. No strings attached.

Qintil Support


  • What are benefits of using a recruitment software?
    The benefits of recruitment software are endless. It simplifies the process from posting job opportunities to welcoming new team members. Along the way, you save time, collaborate seamlessly, and discover top-notch candidates effortlessly matched to your needs. It's not just a tool; it's a friendly guide making your hiring experience smoother and more enjoyable.
  • How much does the recruitment system cost?
    Our pricing is as adaptable as our solutions, tailoring costs based on your unique needs. But rest assured, you'll be pleasantly surprised by how affordable our recruitment system is.
  • Is this recruitment software uk based?
    Yes! We're proudly headquartered in the UK, but our reach extends globally, working with companies from all corners of the world.
  • Is Qintil a staffing agency software?
    Sure! It works wonderfully as software for recruitment agencies. Our system is made to excel in the dynamic landscape of temporary recruitment, making us an excellent choice for staffing agencies and recruitment services. You'll find our software seamlessly caters to the nuanced needs of temporary staffing and agency workflows.
  • Is e-learning and LMS the same?
    A learning management software and a learning management system (LMS) are essentially the same thing. They are both software applications that enable users to create, manage, and deliver online courses and other learning materials. However, some people may use the term learning management software to refer to a broader category of tools that support online learning, such as e-learning platforms, authoring tools, or learning experience platforms (LXP). These tools may have different features and functionalities than a typical LMS, such as more flexibility, accessibility, interactivity, or personalization
  • How do you create e-learning material?
    Through our learning management solution you can either choose a template to get started quickly or build your own courses. And don't worry, you won't need the help of the design team nor developers - it's easy! Also make sure you consider which format would be best for you. For example, onboarding journeys are often include videos and interactive quizzes. Then, choose who you want to assign the course to. With our smart targeting, you can select employees based on skills, location, and many more parameters. That's it! Once you've launched your course, you can see the progress of your candidates or employees in one clear, insightful overview.
  • What is the benefit of e-learning software?
    Having an e-learning software (especially one that can be used as a hybrid) has many benefits for both admins and learners. For example: Flexibility and convenience Discover the freedom to learn whenever and wherever you want. Our e-learning software gives you the flexibility to dive into course content at your own pace. Go ahead, rewind, replay – it's all about your schedule and your terms. Cost-effectiveness and efficiency Say goodbye to the old-school expenses. Online learning platforms cuts down costs like travel and materials. Plus, they turbocharge the learning process, delivering more content in less time. Efficient, cost-effective, and a breeze to navigate! Personalization and differentiation With our e-learning software, admins can craft a learning journey that suits your team's preferences, needs, and goals. Mix and match courses, receive feedback, and create tailored journeys for their level and progress. Measurement and evaluation Online learning management systems provide a treasure trove of data and analytics that help employees and admins monitor and improve their learning outcomes. Because who doesn't love a bit of insight for success?
  • Why is learning and development important in the workplace?
  • Is this a staffing agency software?
    Funny you ask, our solutions are perfect for staffing agencies! If you book a demo with our experts, they'll show you exactly how staffing companies could use it to manage your workforce effortlessly with Qintil.
  • What is staffing software and why do I need it?
    Staffing and operations management software is a solution that helps you manage your workforce. Whether you need to fill shifts for your own locations or your clients', our shift manager can help you find the best match for every role. From working shift patterns and adaptive planning, to operational management and business management system. You need employee schedule management software to save time, reduce costs, improve quality, and increase employee satisfaction.
  • How can I get started with Qintil to manage my staff operations?
    Getting started with Qintil for your operations staffing management software is easy and fast. You can sign up for a free personalised tour of the software. We'll show you how Qintil could best work for you and your teams. You can also contact our support team, and get answers to any questions or doubts you may have.

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