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10 Reasons Why Qintil is the Best All-in-One Staffing Software on the Market

Comprehensive Functionality: 

Qintil offers a wide array of features including recruitment, onboarding, learning, compliance, shift management, CRM and payroll. This extensive functionality allows staffing agencies and employers to manage all aspects of their operations from a single platform​.


Qintil is highly customisable, enabling businesses to tailor the software to meet their specific needs. Whether it’s adjusting workflows, creating custom training courses, or setting unique compliance standards, Qintil can adapt to various requirements.

User-Friendly Interface: 

Qintil is designed to be intuitive and super easy to use. Its user-friendly interface ensures that both administrators and employees can navigate the system efficiently, reducing the learning curve and increasing productivity.

Mobile App: 

Qintil allows its users to manage their shifts, complete training, and stay compliant on the go. This flexibility is particularly valuable for staffing agencies and employees who need to access the system remotely​.

Automated Processes: 

Qintil includes automation for many routine tasks such as application routing and compliance tracking. This automation saves time, reduces errors, and allows staff to focus on more strategic activities​.

Integrated Learning Management System (LMS): 

Qintil’s integrated LMS supports the creation and delivery of training programs, ensuring employees are well-trained and compliant with industry standards. It offers features like hybrid learning, progress tracking, and certification management​.


Qintil is designed to scale with businesses as they grow. Whether a company is a small startup or a large enterprise, Qintil can handle increasing numbers of users and data without compromising performance​.

Real-Time Reporting and Analytics: 

Qintil provides comprehensive reporting and analytics tools, allowing businesses to gain insights into their operations. These tools help in monitoring progress, identifying areas for improvement, and making data-driven decisions​.

Strong Customer Support: 

Qintil is noted for its excellent customer support, offering helpdesk articles and an online chat. This ensures that users can get help when they need it, enhancing the overall user experience​.

Cost-Effective Pricing: 

Qintil offers competitive pricing which varies depending on the number of users, which platforms you choose to use etc. This affordability, combined with the free demo, makes it accessible for businesses of all sizes to benefit.

With Qintil, you've got a powerhouse of a staffing and workforce management solution that's versatile, dynamic, and ready to take your business to the next level. It's not just a tool—it's your new secret weapon in the market!

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