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Built by people like you, so we understand your business

See how we help the different parts of your people operations. If you want to know more, it's quick and easy to set up a call with our specialists and we'll show you how Qintil could transform your organisation. 

Learning & Development

Delivering and keeping on top of training for all your people can be hard, especially as your head count grows.


Learning Manager can make things easier and reduce admin time. You can deliver and record all types of training including e-learning (with a course library included), face to face training and assessments. Plus, you can create your own programs that include multiple different learning types and documents. Courses are assigned automatically based on job role. 


You'll be alerted when training needs to be re-done and your learners can restart e-learning in advance to make sure they don't lose compliance.   And there's easy reporting to keep track of everything. 

L&D teams, directors and operations teams love Learning Manager for its ease of use and comprehensive features. And your learners will love it too!  They'll get a free online CPD folder for all their achievements - whether they gain them with you or elsewhere. 

Recruitment & onboarding

Recruitment is critical to any business, and speed of hiring can determine how successful you are. 

Recruitment Manager helps you by streamlining your whole recruitment and onboarding process and reducing admin time. 

Applicants will apply via your own recruitment forms that you can place on your website. They'll be guided through a self service process, uploading docs and being directed to the right recruiter and recruitment flow based on any factor you choose - such as job function or location. 

Applicants and recruiters follow a task list that is visible to everyone and customisable for different roles. Then they can sign documents, upload right to work docs and with one click be assigned training from Learning Manager. 

Recruitment Manager will speed up your hiring, give greater visibility to managers and make the process seamless and stress free for your candidates. 

Qintil Learning Manager notification
Qintil Recruitment
Qintil Recruitment Manager notification

Staffing & payroll

Matching your people to your shifts and requirements is mission critical. 

Staffing manager is a comprehensive rostering  solution that can match employees to shifts - either at your own locations or for your clients. It includes matching based on training from Learning Manager and right to work from Recruitment Manager to ensure you're placing people compliantly. 

You can push shifts out via email, SMS or the Qintil app and employees can enter availability, request leave, see and accept shifts and enter timesheets. They payroll your employees with detailed pay rate cards. If you have clients to bill, you can invoice them with rate cards that are customisable. 

Staffing Manager drives efficiency with clever matching that scores your employees on their availability, location, skillset, utilisation and familiarity amongst other factors. It provides an end to end shift management solution for care providers and facilities, nursing agencies and homecare providers. 

Qintil Staffing Manager notification

Reports & Analytics 

Your management and finance teams need information on demand and that shows you what's going on. 

Qintil's products come with detailed and customisable reporting. There are also dashboards for different teams and parts of your business for at a glance data. 

We have built Qintil with ease of use at the heart of our design. So our solutions give you the information you need in various ways for quick highlights and mission critical data, whilst more detailed analysis can be created and run at any time. 

All our data is exportable and can be sent to external platforms such as Microsoft BI, Excel and PDF. 

You'll have access to your key data on demand and get a birds eye view of people operations as well as the ability o drill down into core finance and compliance data as needed. 

Qintil Reports

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