Access your workplace training and education in your own time and get all your CPD in one place

Take control of your compliance training and workforce education for your employees with our free LMS and course marketplace

Promote, Sell and Manage your courses, all in one place through the Qintil course marketplace.

Everything you need to deliver training and stay compliant

Qintil makes delivering training and managing compliance easy.  Instant setup, multiple location support, team & role management, automatic compliance checking and all the reporting you need.

Set your training outcomes

Qintil is so easy to set up.  Import learners from G-Suite and Office365, or just use a spreadsheet.  Get courses from our marketplace or upload your own.  Use an authoring tool to design e-learning courses yourself.  Or invite your training provider to use Qintil.  You can manage both online and in-person training.  Define courses and compliance settings based on job role and location, and training requirements will be assigned to learners automatically.


Easy learning for everyone

Your learners get their own Qintil account where they can see what they have to do to be compliant.  But they can also upload their courses from other employers or independent learning and events.  Your leaners have the control to manage their own learning and development, and to share it with you.


Visualise everything

Qintil is always tracking training and compliance for you.  Extensive reporting lets you see your compliance status at any time, and we send gentle reminders to your learners to complete outstanding training, or 30 days before their compliance expires.  Dig deeper and see granular detail on your learners’ courses and quizzes.  You can create custom reports that get sent to you automatically, and you can export data to other systems effortlessly. Phew!