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Recruitment, Staffing & Learning Software

All-in-one software for Staffing Agencies, Volume Employers and Contractor businesses. 

Qintil is a people ops software that scales with you. It's customisable and includes an employee app to fill shifts quickly and make payroll, learning and compliance a breeze. 

We're trusted by businesses of all sizes.  Find out why.

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Qintil solutions

Solutions that work for you

Qintil was designed by people who do what you do. That's why it's beautifully seamless and can be customised to suit your business.

Scalable recruitment software 

Our intelligent recruitment software simplifies talent acquisition for your business. Improve communication with candidates and speed up onboarding. Also great for temporary recruitment.

Intelligent routing
Custom applications
Application forms
Time-saving automations
Right to work certification
Right-to- work tool
Appraisals & surveys
Smart onboarding journey
Onboarding flows
Software that just works 

We use Qintil ourselves, so we know it works 

All in one hub for recruitment, staffing and learning

One user-friendly hub

Enjoy a seamless and intuitive platform accessible to all.  From hiring and onboarding to scheduling and invoicing - our intelligent software is designed to work for you.

Cloud solution

Improve employee communication

Take the stress out of filling shifts, or sending yet another reminder for Tony to take his compliance course. Come on, Tony! With automated notifications, a live chat, and smart targeting features on all our solutions, Qintil makes life easier for everyone. 

Automated notifications and better communication
Automated notifications
Insightful reporting

Easy performance tracking and reports

The best part of an all-in-one platform? That’s right, centralised reporting. Get invaluable insights from user-friendly dashboards and customizable reports. Your team's training overview, deep financial analysis and more, at your fingertips.


But don't just take it from us...

Simone CEO of Acme Corp
"It's really easy to create and edit courses. The functionality is great, yet simple (great choice of blocks e.g. instructor-led, document, text etc.) A nice, simple interface that I have no doubt will be extremely beneficial to your clients."

- Simone, CEO

Content Hub

Free whitepapers, webinars, product updates and more

We’re here to support you, every step of the way.

Get in touch with our experts today. We'll work with you to understand your needs and help you pick a solution or create a tailored one, just for you.

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