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How to get the most out of your Qintil Learner account

Having a Qintil Learner account is a great way to keep on top of training from your employer or to add additional skills and knowledge to your repertoire. But are you getting the most out of your account? In this article we’ll share a few simple tips on how to use your account to maximise its benefit to you.

Add and update your employment history

Think of your Qintil learner’s profile as a live CV. It’s a place to showcase your achievements and professional development. Including your employment history here also is key to letting employers know what skills and experience you have gained over the years.

Find out how here.


Add your own certificates

Your Qintil account isn't just a place to record new courses and achievements, you can also add certificates and CPD from your own catalogue, providing a more in-depth view of your professional career.

Find out how here.


Share your achievements

Once your account is up to date with all of your achievements, CPD, current role and employment history, you can share your profile with your employers. You can also add a link on your Linkedin profile and allow prospective employers to easily see what you’ve achieved.

Find out how here.


Round up

As you can see your Qintil Learner account is more than just a place to do mandatory courses for work, you can also upload and store everything you need throughout your working career, making it easier and more succinct for all involved. No more big folders of certificates to photocopy, or writing out employment history over and over. Just share a link to your profile and you’re all set.

Not using Qintil? Sign up free here.

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